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  • Calico - April 1/2, 2017
    If I'm able to make it. It will probably only be for the day on Saturday.
  • Chariot Mountain - March 11th, 2017
    Was super fun today! Thanks for the awesome spotting and run prep along the way to get me through that one obstacle. If it's not to much trouble for the video:bowlesquincy@gmail.com. Would love it! Stand by for my few pics...
  • Cougar Buttes - 2017
    The white 4 Runner works good. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  • Snorkel Got Flopped
    But still it has to be tuff knowing your rig rolled almost in sight of a McDonalds. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  • Wrench-a-Thon March, 4th, 2017
    Negative, Ghostrider. I was able to get both axles put together. That's about it. My buddy couldn't show up so I was left on my own. Brake lines, lift, shocks, tie rod ends and tires all still need to be installed. Right now I'm just hoping it'll be done before Calico.
  • TruckHaven in March
    My truck is down. I'll be out there in my F150 but no fun. May jump in my buddies TJ when I get out there.
  • 2017 Schedule of Events
    ---Quote (Originally by sparky)--- We post the trail information thread around a month ahead of time. That's when you notify us that you'll be attending. So look for the MJT thread sometime in May. We have a lot of wheeling going on this year. Hopefully you can join us on our other events....