Thursday, May 21, 2015
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  • Miller Jeep Trail - June 13, 2015
    ---Quote (Originally by Pawn)--- Who's truck is that in the first pic? I dont ever remember seeing it before... ---End Quote--- And so it continues. lol I love it! I won't be there this time. MJT is a good time and I'm bummed I have to miss it.
  • Calico - April 11/12 2015
    All my pics are here: My write-up: We had most of the group ready to go at 9am, but somebody was running late, so we ended up rolling out of camp just before 9:30. Image: We...
  • Cleghorn Trail anyone???
    Haven't been since last summer. Would like to go Friday or Sat morning (5/22, 5/23. Would like to meet some of you members too.
  • The Trifecta '15
    ---Quote (Originally by Tacoeng)--- Dedicated to FLYTE74. Leon we're going to miss wheeling with you. Take care and we'll see you when you return. Image: Image:...
  • Cleghorn/Pilot Rock/Dishpan - May 2, 2015
    Just wanted to say my son & I had a great day on the trails w/everyone who made it out. Thanks to Mark for loaning us an extra ham radio for the day. It was great to meet you all & we look forward to our next chance to attend a TTORA event. I hope everyone made it home safely, as we did. I'm still...
  • Looking for some rear shocks
    A rear shock broke so I'm in need of some rear shocks. If anyone has an extra or spare set they are willing to donate or sell for cheap let me know. Thank you
  • Culver City Noob
    Welcome aboard! :)
  • Are You A Hardcore or Softcore Wheeler?
    Only made it to 15!
  • 2015 Schedule of Events
    Would everyone be willing to push the October trip to the weekend of the 10/11th? We have the Miramar Air Show on the 3/4th.....