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  • The Trifecta - May 14, 2016
    Something tells me that you don't want to come in at that angle.
  • Calico 2016
    To much moon shine?
  • new Toyo MT 255/85R16
    200 picked up for the Toyo 255/85R16 MT. Its brand new and never used. (was mounted to my a new rim a month ago and i decided to go with a different tire) Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-cFnZh42eymw/VLrHcJnJaeI/AAAAAAAAr3w/rBkprumDkG8/s685-no/IMG_5682.JPG Image:...
  • Total Chaos Uniball Long Travel 2wd pickup
    Selling my total chaos uniball kit. Going a different direction with the kit. No cracks. Uniballs are tight. Kit is good to go. I also have the billet cross shafts as well to go with the kit. They were ~300. Price 2200 Redondo Beach Ca. SCORE Baja 1000 & championship proven long travel...
  • 2016 Schedule of Events
    We have made an adjustment to next month's run. Currently the run is scheduled for May 7th which is the day before Mother's Day. In order to avoid any conflicts created by this, we're moving the run to the 14th. Stay tuned for the participation thread.
  • Rest In Peace A.P.T.C.
    I received a humbling and also unbelievable text today from Paul's wife/widow, or should I say my wife received one. Sharon gave me his truck, I am in total disbelief and was honored that she did this. She and their son decided that since I was the one that made sure he could still get out and do...