Saturday, August 27, 2016
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  • Corral Canyon - Sept. 10, 2016
    Count me in. I don't think my rig can do Gunslinger but the other two trails sound doable. Are you doing an overnight trip? I'd be willing to spend the night and run the easy perimeter trail on Sunday. I heard the trail that follows the Espinosa Trail is a moderate one too. Sent from my...
  • Pilot rock trail on fire !!!
    ---Quote (Originally by mikesnyde)--- Today I Made my way via dirt roads to 138 ,to turn off for Cleghorn Staging area where its burned clear up past the parking area . The rest of Cleghorn from there to silverwood is ok .Then 138 to 173 to 2n17x was all open so I went up . It was burnt clear down...
  • Big Bear - Aug 2016
    ---Quote (Originally by mark80)--- these are from our 0300am photo session. Attachment 42178 ( Attachment 42186 ( Attachment 42194...
  • Back to Big Bear August 20th, medium run.
    I'm headed back to BB this coming weekend. I need to try out my new leaf setup, we all saw how I was wheeling last Sat.
  • Big Bear - August 13/14, 2016
    The follow-up picture and discussion thread is here:
  • RCI Aluminum Front Skid Plate, 5th Gen 4Runner, $200
    SOLD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • Big Bear: Gold Mountain, Clarks Grade, Pipes Canyon
    Had a great time, at breakfast we discussed the trails and opted to toss Clarks Grade and Pipes Canyon for John Bull. Gold Mountain was a little tougher than the last time I ran it but with some good tire placement it wasn't that bad at all. The John Bull was its normal nasty self as usual but...