Thursday, July 30, 2015
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  • Last Chance Cyn Burro Schmidt
    Saturday run. Aug 1st. 0830 meetup. Randsburg Rd thru Last Chance Cyn to the tunnel.
  • Cleghorn Trail anyone???
    Was a fun run. only 3 rigs so it went fairly quick.
  • Corral Canyon '14
    One could only hope.
  • Big Bear '14
    My pics that I finally got uploaded! I only have pics from the Sunday run on John Bull. For a Sunday run, we might have bitten off more than we could chew. lol Image: Image:...
  • Cleghorn/Pilot/Dishpan - May 3, 2014
    Finally got all those pesky photos uploaded! Image: Image: Image:...
  • Miller Jeep Trail '14
    While I have all this time off to spend with my wife and daughter, I thought I'd update a few trail reports with photos I hadn't uploaded to the computer. This is just one of a few: Image: Image:...
  • Big Bear - August 8/9, 2015
    Still not sure if I'm going to be there for just a day run or if camping Saturday. There is also still a small possibility that I will be in FL for business till that Friday evening so may be cutting it really close.
  • Miller Jeep Trail 2015
    Sweet pics! I missed out on this trip looked like a good time, it was my weekend to work. Looking forward to the Big Bear trip! One more month!