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  • Cougar Buttes - Feb. 28, 2015
    Starting the trek from San Diego.
  • ope!
    forgot my login until now. got the toytec BOSS lift installed. OME rears. other than that, nothing special. saving to get an aussie locker for the back, unless i can get an elocker 3rd for a decent price. haven't hit the trails in a while, but will be at the TDS event in Anza Borrego next weekend.
  • Snow run?
    Image: ( I got a lil nostalgic of my home away from home, since we been suckin up all the snow this...
  • Little radio info
    Some people have opened their radios to modify for the different frequencies, from what I understand these you don't need to its already done. I wish I could give you guys more details but I'm not to savy with radios myself. I've had a yaesu for awhile and thats what I use but just the basics of it...
  • Local shop extends special rate on the install of front/rear R&P Motive Gears – Los A
    Hello fellow members, I wanted to share a pricing discount with other TTORA members that live in/near the San Gabriel Valley (SoCal) area; especially if you are looking for competitive pricing on the installation of Motive ring and pinon (R&P) gears. The offer includes matching set (front/rear)...
  • Hammers!!
    Marlin is a great guy. I've never wheeled with him but the stories everybody shares about it him on the trail are incredible. I met him at the SoCal TO in Big Bear.
  • Tierra del Sol
    I met up with the guys from "4 wheels to heal" at KOH and they are going to be at Tierra this year. I figured on heading out and volunteering a seat in the truck, if they wanted it.
  • Main Divide Trail?
    The Main Divide itself is open as per the web site above. The more pleasant starting point via Maple Springs near Silverado is not. You can run it wither east to west or west to east. It is mostly easy with some great views. A decent book to get one...