Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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  • Red Rock Canyon - October 4/5, 2014
    One week away! Sign up for a great trail run with some historical California mining sites including the famous Bickel Camp and "Burro" Schmidt's Tunnel!
  • Looking at tires need a little help
    It really depends on the terrain. Wider tires are good for things like sand where you want lots of tire contact. Rock crawling can go either way. Sometimes skinny tires are preferred. What matters more is the tread pattern. Get an aggressive pattern if you hit the rocks, mud or snow. For the...
  • I know its a long shot but.....
    ---Quote (Originally by Slo1)--- Well I made the 6 hour drive to check out this rig. I tried to inspect this as much as I could but having a 9 and 5 year attached to me and wanting to get out and run around was a little tough. After checking it out I noticed it had FAB tech suspenion front and...
  • Corral Canyon '14
    ---Quote (Originally by Tacoeng)--- Looks like a good time. Thanks for the pictures. Broken CV and front lockers, yeah not good :( ---End Quote--- He would have made it if that damn rock hadn't gotten in the way...
  • Sugarpine/Cleghorn '14
    Image: http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b510/brandonlevine/snow%20run/cleghorn/IMG_1292_zps92220da7.jpg (http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/brandonlevine/media/snow%20run/cleghorn/IMG_1292_zps92220da7.jpg.html) Image:...
  • Cougar Buttes '14
    Image: http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b510/brandonlevine/snow%20run/cleghorn/cougar/07999ee3-7c0f-4783-80ee-b352e77d0d0f_zps7469a5b7.jpg (http://s1289.photobucket.com/user/brandonlevine/media/snow%20run/cleghorn/cougar/07999ee3-7c0f-4783-80ee-b352e77d0d0f_zps7469a5b7.jpg.html) Image:...
  • Corral Canyon - Sept. 6, 2014
    Hate that I had to miss this one :( hopefully I can make the next one.
  • 17x9 steel wheels
    I am starting to collect wheels for some reason and it is time to do a garage clean out. These are 17x9, 6 on 5.5 with a pretty shallow backspace. Look to be in decent shape but there is some scraping on the outside rims. I am located in Lancaster but travel to Valencia and can bring that...
  • Built Dana 44, Scout II PSC steering Box
    I sure could use that steering box. Is it still available?
  • Camburg UCA, LCA, SAW 2.5 (#650), 1.5" Spacers, Hella Lights
    The side of your house looks a lot better, eh?