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  • Calico - April 11/12, 2015
    you seem to be getting sick. I think you should go see a doctor.....
  • Moving to Oceanside
    Thanks guys... I will be in touch. I still need to move, and get settled in. May be looking to buy a rig, but storage will be my problem. I will not be able to build another as I will be in base housing on Camp Pendleton. However, I may get a drivable rig. I am used to having a strictly trail...
  • 17x9 steel wheels
    Anybody in So Cal interested. Could probably get them pretty cheap. Make me an offer. Really not interested in shipping at this point.
  • Are You A Hardcore or Softcore Wheeler?
    ---Quote (Originally by ShowStop)--- Yes to #50! :D ---End Quote--- Amen! to that one too.
  • FS: GT Fury 3.0 DH bike Southern CA
    Hey guys, I'm thinkin of selling my bike, bought it with the hopes of getting back in to down hill, but that never happened and I just don't have the time to use it. It's never even seen the dirt just the strand a few times. Its a 2013 GT Fury 3.0 in like new condition. NOT willing to ship! willing...
  • Trail Ediquitte
    ---Quote (Originally by Dick Foster)--- First you should learn to spell the word correctly. It's not proper *etiquette *to scatter piss poor spelling and bad grammar all over the Internet. LOL ---End Quote--- ---Quote (Originally by Dick Foster)--- No it's just plain English. Try this thing...
  • Chariot Mountain '15
    Last set.... saved the best for last :D Image: Image:...
  • 10 Axioms Of 4 Wheeling
    10 Axioms Of 4 Wheeling By Tom Severin Four wheeling, like any other activity, has its rules and principles. During my 40-plus years in this sport, I have seen and experienced a lot. The following axioms flow from all the wisdom I have picked up from others I respect. My list is actually...
  • Rules for great spotters & great drivers
    Rules for Great Spotters & Great Drivers By Dan StrĂ , Founder, JonFund 4X4 Club (Recommended by Del Albright) There are a lot of fine points to the art of spotting. Great spotting -- truly refined expertise in this area -- is something that takes a lot of time and experience to learn. This...
  • Chariot Mountain - March 14th, 2015
    Good group. Should be a good time. Have fun and take pictures. See you all next month.
  • Mojave Road - Need advice/suggestions
    And as far as reading material.........there's One book you need!! *The Mojave Road Guide!!! *It is The Bible of The Mojave Road!!!
  • Tierra del Sol
    Yeah I'm good friends with Pep's, the Macho Taco and Brawlers are a little out of my league. He'd probably get me in more trouble than I could handle.
  • Main Divide Trail?
    I'm game for most any weekends and know most all trails let me know and I'll set up something equal to how tough you want to get.
  • Cougar Buttes '15
    ---Quote (Originally by flyte74)--- Pretty sure I'm laughing and Sparky is shaking his head because I just busted out my tail light. ---End Quote--- ---Quote (Originally by sparky)--- lmao That's exactly what it looks like! ---End Quote--- That's just after the moment of impact :eek: The...
  • Cougar Buttes - Feb. 28, 2015
    What I have.