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  • Calico - Apr 5/6, 2014
    Wow! Great pictures Mike. Thank Daisy for me. Can't wait for the rest :D
  • Calico - Apr 5/6, 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by Dawson 5)--- :d ---End Quote--- Just for that post I will try to buy this before Cleghorn :D
  • socal truck spottings
    Damn nice truck. Sorry to creep on you! The camper shell, alone, really takes the weight that well? You should come out on a run to show the rest of us how it's done!
  • Matco pilsner glasses
    I will get a better pic of the third but they all come in the cardboard holder with 2 tin and cork coasters Galaxy Note 2
  • Thoughts?
    ---Quote (Originally by Pawn)--- Is there any way or worth it to try and get the tundra c.vs to fit a second gen taco? From what I have read the tundra parts are stronger..... ---End Quote--- RCV has or can make CVs for the Tacoma's $$$$$. You would probably explode your 8" clamshell diff...
  • San Diego Area
    When looking for a house in socal make sure you survey the surrounding area first. Rush hour traffic and kids going to school can completely change the dynamic of an area. Sounds like a "no duh" thing but I probably wouldn't have gotten my house where I did if I had just done a bit more scouting.
  • groupon oil change offer
    saw this in my groupon email the other day. $30 for three oil changes offered by 19 service centers in the San Diego County. Poway Toyota is one of them. figured I'd share the wealth. http://www.groupon.com/deals/e-oilchange-com-6-san-diego
  • Cb radios for sale
    ---Quote (Originally by Dick Foster)--- Just so you know, 2meter is also line of sight. 2 meter relies a lot on repeaters in the area, if there are any. In fact the higher the frequency, the more line of sight the signal. ---End Quote--- hence the reference to repeaters :p
  • How do you guys do it?
    Los Gatos which is San Jose, otherwise Silicon Valley in which there is no more silicon production. You can read it as any city in CA and it's pretty much the same thing. Single guys don't need houses, they should be spending all of their money on wine, women and song with just enough left over...
  • ope!
    a year later and i still have NO mods to my runner. hoping to get the toytec 3" coilover kit for her with my tax returns. maybe THEN i can hang with you socal guys.
  • Donahue coilovers for 96-04 Taco. $600
    I have a set of extended travel 2.5 coilovers. They were rebuilt before I got them back in June. I have had no problems and they work great. The only reason I'm selling is because I'm going LT. $600 obo Located in Riverside, ca 95one-258-624two I can send pics to your phone. Thanks
  • What's She Worth?
    wheel it again and shoot for a higher price. or possibly part out some things like rear rack, tire carrier, rear bumper, sliders. etc
  • 5 BFG KM2's 315/75/16
    If only they were a bit skinnier.
  • Back again... San Luis Obispo area
    Hi there, old/new member returning. I joined Colorado Chapter TTORA in 2001 when I had my supercharged Tacoma. I believe it died a horrible death after I sold it. My double cab prerunner was short lived and I had a Corvette and classic Camaro phase for a few years. Now back and looking forward...
  • Snow run?
    Forgot to post up my pics. All of the pics are here- http://www.showstop.org/gallery/bbsnow-mar14 Image: http://www.showstop.org/albums/bbsnow-mar14/bbsnow03.sized.jpg Image: http://www.showstop.org/albums/bbsnow-mar14/bbsnow10.sized.jpg Image:...