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  • Hammers!!
    The day is almost here and we don't seem to have a solid plan yet. Still trying to figure out if there is a solid camp site idea. I know that Hammertown can be a sh&t show.....
  • Cougar Buttes - Feb. 28, 2015
    I can bring some shine!
  • Main Divide Trail?
  • TTORA SoCal HAM Radio Callsign List
    Right on. Thanks Leon and Tyler for the antenna information. That will give me some direction on the installation. I'll keep you posted as the installation progresses.
  • 22re woes
    actually was thinking lean myself, but believe it or not there is no signs of heat ? usual carbon build up not all white and plugs weren't white either like a lean burn ? crazy I know, anyway got new pistons and it's at the machine shop so we will see. I'm hoping defective pistons
  • WTB: IFP Coilovers, OME/Dakar, Resi (rear) shocks
  • 17x9 steel wheels
    Let me check on some shipping or they might still be here in June. These wheels are some good candidates for DIY beadlocks. I did a set about a year ago with this company The...
  • Built Toyota axles Driver drop Tacoma width front
    Bump with photos. Image: ( Image:...
  • CB installation?
    I have to get it first, not sure what's going on with Cobra and where it is. Still waiting on the antenna brackets too.
  • 2015 Schedule of Events
    oh... ya that shouldn't happen anymore, now I can go nice and slow over everything :D
  • FS: So Cal (SD) Q78 (35.5") Interco TSL
  • Truck Haven Challenge
  • Corral Canyon 2015 New Year's Day Run
    Attachment 33161 ( Attachment 33169 ( Attachment 33177 ( Nice pics I love CC
  • Big Bear part deux snow run - 1/3
    Good videos Tyler.
  • Snow Run Part Deux 1/3
    Pics got moved to a separate thread.