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  • Cleghorn/Pilot/Dishpan - May 3, 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by Dawson 5)--- Crab Flats. ---End Quote--- Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg it! Crab Flats is "Closed for the season" until May 9 according to the website. Oh well...
  • Calico - Apr 5/6, 2014
    Wow Thank you for the video! I miss this already! Look its me at 4:00!
  • (6) steel beadlocks 16x8 6x5.5
    sale pending on pirate
  • 2014 Schedule of Events
  • FS: 16" FZJ80 Alloy Wheels + Tires (SoCal)
    FOR SALE: 4 - 16" FZJ80 Alloy wheels painted black + center caps 4 - 265/75/16 Discover Cooper ATR (<10k miles on them) 24 - chrome lug nuts I finally bumped up to 35's, so these are for sale. The wheels were painted satin black and the tires have plenty of tread left (probably less than...
  • How do you guys do it?
    ---Quote (Originally by graymatter92)--- I'm from Illinois been out here for 6 year and am struggling to keep up with the cost of living maybe looking to get out of here to somewhere less expensive Galaxy Note 2 ---End Quote--- Texas is were most of my family from CA left to. Most of them...
  • Calico - Apr 5/6, 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by Dawson 5)--- :d ---End Quote--- Just for that post I will try to buy this before Cleghorn :D
  • socal truck spottings
    Damn nice truck. Sorry to creep on you! The camper shell, alone, really takes the weight that well? You should come out on a run to show the rest of us how it's done!
  • Matco pilsner glasses
    I will get a better pic of the third but they all come in the cardboard holder with 2 tin and cork coasters Galaxy Note 2
  • Thoughts?
    ---Quote (Originally by Pawn)--- Is there any way or worth it to try and get the tundra c.vs to fit a second gen taco? From what I have read the tundra parts are stronger..... ---End Quote--- RCV has or can make CVs for the Tacoma's $$$$$. You would probably explode your 8" clamshell diff...
  • San Diego Area
    When looking for a house in socal make sure you survey the surrounding area first. Rush hour traffic and kids going to school can completely change the dynamic of an area. Sounds like a "no duh" thing but I probably wouldn't have gotten my house where I did if I had just done a bit more scouting.
  • groupon oil change offer
    saw this in my groupon email the other day. $30 for three oil changes offered by 19 service centers in the San Diego County. Poway Toyota is one of them. figured I'd share the wealth.
  • Cb radios for sale
    ---Quote (Originally by Dick Foster)--- Just so you know, 2meter is also line of sight. 2 meter relies a lot on repeaters in the area, if there are any. In fact the higher the frequency, the more line of sight the signal. ---End Quote--- hence the reference to repeaters :p
  • ope!
    a year later and i still have NO mods to my runner. hoping to get the toytec 3" coilover kit for her with my tax returns. maybe THEN i can hang with you socal guys.