Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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  • Big Bear - August 9/10, 2014
    Image: https://scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/10422284_10152600735184470_6443075857721528605_n.jpg?oh=0e86d5c775b8ce5be9c6c5827bf64c79&oe=544F23B1 New shoes. Just got some CO2 today to finish up my bump stops. Waiting on lower shock mounts so I can move them. Springs...
  • Need help!!
    Total Length 4Runner: 174.6” Tacoma single cab: 195.9” Tacoma crew cab: 208.0” Wheelbase 4Runner: 103.0” Tacoma single cab: 109.6” Tacoma crew cab: 127.4”
  • Nightmare Gulch
    Illegal trail use is also jeopardizing the trail. http://www.cal4wheel.com/access-issues/southern-california-access-issues/517-nightmare-at-nightmare-gulch
  • BASEjumper's B-Day Bash 7/26/14
    Dang! This sounds fun! What time is it going to start?
  • 22 re water pump
    Anyone have any suggestions on a which place has a better water pump, autozone, oriellys or any other parts stores local to the Inland Empire. I'm going to be replacing it on Saturday if anyone wants to come out and chill have a few beers or spectate it will be in Riverside thank you
  • Meet & Greet - July 12, 2014
    Thanks Sparky for having us over. Wish you guys would have picked a run to do at night, driving up to big bear the moon was so perfect I had to go do a little trail so me and Diana drove to the top of gold mountain. The first obstacle on the trail is really messed up had to stay all the way to the...
  • Meet and Greet July 12, 2014
    At least big bear is less than a month away.
  • Miller Jeep Trail '14
    ---Quote (Originally by sparky)--- Yeah, good thing he wasn't running tube doors or else that stuff might have ended up inside his truck. ---End Quote--- Like scuba in big bear 2 years ago
  • 2014 Schedule of Events
    I have plans that weekend.
  • New car?
    As a three time Samurai owner, just don't! If you want a toy get a toy, and I mean a Toyota. You will pour more $ into a Samurai over a good ol' Toyota truck. In fact most Samurai' end up with Toyota Axles, engine swaps, etc. By the time you are done you could have picked up an old Toyota, lifted...
  • Sup ladies...
    I don't think I've had the pleasure of wheeling with you. Though, I do remember Chris(wgasa), which is in your sig. And, unfortunately, TacoDell doesn't partake in TTORA events anymore. But, I *have* wheeled with both of those guys. If you have the time, we're getting together at my place next...
  • FS:255/85R16 KM2's & stocker wheels
  • Trade.: 12" coil overs for 10" coil overs
    Bump Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  • San Diego Area
    ---Quote (Originally by S. Rhodes)--- Enjoy your last thunderstorm, it will most likely be your last. ---End Quote--- Hey! I seem to remember a thunderstorm happening in San Diego like four or five years ago! Maybe not a thunderstorm, but I remember hearing some thunder. It could have been the...