Thursday, November 20, 2014
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  • Anza Borrego Desert Run 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by sparky)--- Dang! Throw me under the bus why don't you. Just remember, another opportunity for me to spot you through an obstacle is right around the corner. :eek: We'll meet again. :D ---End Quote--- hahahah well played! No one else said anything so I figured I would...
  • Cleghorn Trail Saturday Nov 15th
    Looks like you had a great time! I hope you went around the bypasses that have been closed off.
  • Last Chance Canyon (Last-Minute) 24 Oct
    Tell me bout it.
  • Anza Borrego - November 8/9, 2014
    Well, I got my bumper off when I got home. Winching is hard on the frame. I am having the end cap mod this weekend. Here is documentation of a ARB bumper failure. While my bumper was off I decided to de-chrome the grill bezel. Image:...
  • Aluminum rims off a lifted Tacoma
    *What size, back spacing, brand, do it comes w/tires, etc....*
  • FS: So Cal (SD) Q78 (35.5") Interco TSL
    Image: (
  • *** Cleghorn Trail Nov 1st ***
    Thanks for posting it up! Unfortunately, I won't be able to go. This weekend I'm getting my truck ready for Anza. Hope you have a good time!
  • Corral Canyon Wednesday Oct 29th
    That's a bummer guys. Hopefully we can set something up when I get back off the boat in December. Have fun at work.