Sunday, October 23, 2016
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  • Anza Borrego - November 5/6, 2016
    ---Quote (Originally by Impulsetaco)--- Put me down for moderate....also anyone ever heard of the 2017 Baja 4000 Rally happening in January? its suppose to be open to everyone ---End Quote--- I got you down! I haven't heard about the rally. If you'd like to see if anyone is planning on going,...
  • Cheap/Free: 01 Tacoma Xtra cab parts & 04 Double cab front skid
    I'm interested in buying the skid plate and the seat belts. Only problem is I would need those to be shipped. The shipping zip code is Baltimore , Maryland 21224 If this is possible email me a quote at thanks....
  • Red Rock Canyon '16
    Wow, quite a bit of carnage on the new LC. Bummer. :shiner:
  • Red Rock Canyon - October 8/9, 2016
    ---Quote (Originally by Dawson 5)--- My camping status is now tentative ---End Quote--- Looks like we are out for camping. ---Quote (Originally by webbrowan)--- Gosh this looks like so much fun. I swear that more local groups should do their own versions of these and make it a sort of...
  • Offroad expo 2016
    Did anyone get the chance to head over to the Offroad Expo in Pomona? We headed over Saturday and had a chance to take a look. Most of the show was highlighting the latest and greatest Jeep accessories but there was some good representation of Toyota specific parts and accessories. We were...