Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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  • Anza Borrego - November 8/9, 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by flyte74)--- Daaaaaaaanggggggg! Where you at? And what about CJ? Did he replace his clutch yet? Those flares of his would kill it at Anza! ---End Quote--- CJ tore apart his Tcase and his motor 😕
  • Last Chance Canyon (Last-Minute) 24 Oct
    ---Quote (Originally by haveyouseenmybaseball)--- Locked 97 LX450 stripped down. On 35's with mild lift. ---End Quote--- Nice, the Land Cruiser/LX450 crowd is growing! There's a few of us here wheeling around in plushed out comfort. Hope to see you on a run.
  • Recon trip
    Anyone want to go scout Pinyon Mountain Trail this weekend?
  • FS: So Cal (SD) Q78 (35.5") Interco TSL
    ---Quote (Originally by rivethead242)--- :xbeer2::jack::flipoff1: ---End Quote--- :xmoon:
  • Last Chance Canyon 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by wescoastking)--- Really hoping to make it to the Anza trip but i need to change the clutch before I do any wheeling. ---End Quote--- Well change your clutch.
  • Red Rock Canyon - October 4/5, 2014
    Go to past events and check it out. Had a Fuuuunnn time.:dancing::dancing:
  • Glamis Oct 24, 25, 26th
    Hey SoCal ttora peeps we got a large Toyota group hitting glamis on Oct 24,25,26th camping around gecko loop Open to all toes of vehicles, dirt bikes, quads etc... Meet started as a TW meet but there are a few ttora members going already, few DR guys as well as others... Would love to see...