Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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  • Corral Canyon - Sept. 5, 2015
    ---Quote (Originally by mark80)--- I'm in, pending the green light from the trans shop. My tranny has been acting up and just need to make sure it is ok. Going in tomorrow. I'm right off the 5 frwy in Cardiff. Give me jingle on the ham and I can hop on the 5 and we can caravan down. (assuming...
  • Miller Jeep Trail - June 13, 2015
    Anyone know how I can get in contact with the member who drives the sweet "stock" gen 1 silver double cab? He offered me his Defiant light bar and I'd like to see if he still has it. Thanks guys.
  • looking for employment
    Hey guys I am on the hunt for a job, I was recently let go from my job looking in the automotive industry but am open for anything that will pay the bills my experiences ASE certified master technician 3 years graduated from The Fab School, for welding and fabrication, I don't have much...
  • Disable ABS Control Module or Anyone have one 2001 Tacoma?
    I should have this. send me a pm.
  • Big Bear 2015
    Thanks to everyone that came out this trip. Sorry for those that got lost. Communications are a helpful tool and most of us have a CB and several have HAM radio as well. If you have either, it helps to keep in contact with the group. Anyways, I finally got around to uploading my pictures. Here...
  • Getting new tires soon ???
    Thanks all for the replies. I think I'll go with Nitto Trail Grapplers mainly because I have had such good experience with my current set Terra Grapplers. Also like that Nitto takes care to make a balanced tire. Now that California is so freaked out about lead it seems common to see wheel weight...
  • Are You A Hardcore or Softcore Wheeler?
    made it to 31 haha
  • Big Bear - August 8/9, 2015
    ---Quote (Originally by Tacoeng)--- We're running a little late. I will monitor 144.45 on the Ham radio if anyone see's this. ---End Quote--- Had a long night might come later just to camp well see... Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  • diamond axle - tabbed for a 3-link
  • WTB - XtraCab rubber bed mat
    Just like the title says boys, anyone got one they're not using? Thank you.
  • Aug. 9 yellow jacket/half moon trails
    Me and buddy will be hitting these trails on Sunday meeting up at flying J's at 9 am if anybody wants to come let me know! Text 805 four one five 8793
  • Big Bear '14
    Yeah... I'm sure that was your motivation. :bitchslap