Monday, September 01, 2014
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  • Corral Canyon - Sept. 6, 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by Tacoeng)--- Your ready. Have fun. I think the flares and donkey balls :confused:are over rated for a trail truck but they do seem to help over the rocks. ---End Quote--- . . . So does a front locker. :D:cool:
  • Camburg UCA, LCA, SAW 2.5 (#650), 1.5" Spacers, Hella Lights
    Did Sparky purchase the lights? If not, I'll take them off your hands.
  • I know its a long shot but.....
    Cool thanks let me know I'll shoot you gas money or something.
  • Big Bear '14
    ---Quote (Originally by sparky)--- Wyatt, I applaud you for your knowledge, ability and patience to get a truck off the trail safely. :clap: I'm grateful to have you involved in the chapter and I always look forward to the opportunity to wheel with you. Cheers! :xbeer3: ---End Quote---
  • For Sale - 04 DC Tacoma 4x4 Off Road
    ---Quote (Originally by dnellans)--- NADA clean retail including cap - 17,050. Just sayin... ---End Quote--- KBB $20,000...just sayin'. I split the difference. Thanks for the helpful post.
  • Work related question for the masses
    yeah if its thread locker heat works!!! and even some more exotic thread locker releases with water
  • FS - rear suspension stuff
    pm sent
  • Public Meeting Marine Use of Johnson Valley Aug. 16, 2014 Public Meeting Scheduled to Address Land Use Changes in the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area Representatives from the Bureau of Land Management and the Marine Corps will host a Resource Management Group...
  • Big Bear - August 9/10, 2014
    Sorry we missed out. We camped out in Hanna Flats and got lost on the trails to TTORA camp. We did ended up running Gold Mtn which was a little harder than I remember which made it funner. I was really hoping to run Pontiac Sluice with the mild group. Hopefully we can make it out on the next...
  • 1995 - 2004 Tacoma 2rz KO racing turbo kit
    Here is a used KO racing turbo kit that fits 95.5 to 2004 4cyl 2rz tacomas .. The kit comes with the following: *New Cometic Head gasket. *46 trim Garrett "polished finish" turbo supports up to 400 whp freshly rebuild * Tial wastegate with extra springs * Tial blow off valve with piping...