Sunday, September 21, 2014
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  • Looking at tires need a little help
    Ok so im going to get 33s but i find that they have 33/10.5 and 33/12.5. I dont really know how much the 2in difference makes if it even does. Anyone have any insight on the different applications?
  • Red Rock Canyon - October 4/5, 2014
    ---Quote (Originally by Puddle)--- Is everyone packing up and going home early Sunday or any wheeling planned, I wouldn't be able to make it out till Saturday night (2000ish). Got a little sumtin to play with that goes more than pew, pew, pew. More like...
  • I know its a long shot but.....
    ---Quote (Originally by Slo1)--- Well I made the 6 hour drive to check out this rig. I tried to inspect this as much as I could but having a 9 and 5 year attached to me and wanting to get out and run around was a little tough. After checking it out I noticed it had FAB tech suspenion front and...
  • Corral Canyon '14
    ---Quote (Originally by Tacoeng)--- Looks like a good time. Thanks for the pictures. Broken CV and front lockers, yeah not good :( ---End Quote--- He would have made it if that damn rock hadn't gotten in the way...
  • Sugarpine/Cleghorn '14
    Image: ( Image:...
  • Cougar Buttes '14
    Image: ( Image:...
  • Corral Canyon - Sept. 6, 2014
    Hate that I had to miss this one :( hopefully I can make the next one.
  • 17x9 steel wheels
    I am starting to collect wheels for some reason and it is time to do a garage clean out. These are 17x9, 6 on 5.5 with a pretty shallow backspace. Look to be in decent shape but there is some scraping on the outside rims. I am located in Lancaster but travel to Valencia and can bring that...
  • Built Dana 44, Scout II PSC steering Box
    I sure could use that steering box. Is it still available?
  • Camburg UCA, LCA, SAW 2.5 (#650), 1.5" Spacers, Hella Lights
    The side of your house looks a lot better, eh?